Speaker Session - Rex Mayes & Uli Kremer

Convention Center Room 202A Saturday, February 20, 2022 1:30 pm - 2:15 pm

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Rex Mayes & Uli Kremer

TOPIC: “Alexander Schleicher: Current Developments”

Rex Mayes and his wife, Noelle, are the owners of Williams Soaring Center, a full-service gliderport in Northern California. Their sons, Ben and Nick, are active in the family business.

Rex is a DPE for gliders, chief inspector for the business’ FAA Repair Station, an A&P and IA, tow pilot and co-owner of Sage Variometers. He was raised on his family’s 40-acre prune ranch where he developed skills at troubleshooting problems and repairing equipment. In 1984 he took over the management of the family’s gliderport and in the following years grew and developed the business, which is now Williams Soaring Center. Rex and his family strive to create an environment for pilots to enjoy all aspects of soaring.

This past summer, Rex’s dream came to fruition and he is now the US agent for Alexander Schleicher Aircraft. Uli Kremer will be joining Rex and Noelle at the SSA convention.