Speaker Session - Richard Kellerman

Convention Center Room 202C Thursday, February 18, 2022 11:00 am - 11:45 am

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Richard Kellerman

TOPIC: “Variometry for Glider Pilots”

Richard Kellerman is a favorite speaker in the soaring community and has provided weather information for numerous contests. His knowledge is exceptional and he always brings interest and humor into his talks. He has provided us with his biographical profile:

“I was born in the United Kingdom where I began an unpromising education, eventually completed in America with the addition of a PhD in Physical Chemistry from Lehigh University. Nine years in even the best of American corporate life (Xerox) was enough to convince me to start my own business and the Nielsen-Kellerman Co. sustained and challenged me from 1974, when it was founded, to 2010, when it was sold. Following the sale, Tim Welles and I purchased the soaring business I had begun while still with NK.

“I’m on my fifth glider (ASW15, ASW20, ASW27, ASG29, ASG29E) and looking for an ASG29Es. I also own a Skywagon.

“Tim and I own the business but the real work is done by Chip Garner (“ClearNav”), David Masson (Vario), and Gary Kammerer (customers – a really BIG job in the soaring market).”