Speaker Session - Andreas Hebner & Don Bell

Convention Center Room 202C Thursday, February 18, 2022 9:00 am - 9:45 am

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Andreas Hebner & Don Bell

TOPIC: “Flying Stemme’s S-12”

Stemme’s new S-12 — to be certified in mid-2016 — will be the focus of a detailed “Pilot Report” by Andreas Hebner of Stemme, Germany. He will share photos, performance specs, and design details. Andreas anticipates reporting on the Stemme Horizons soaring safari of last summer and Stemme plans for another excursion in 2016. Don Bell of Stemme USA will discuss Stemme’s future in our US market, its network of service centers, and growing customer support.

Andreas Hebner learned to fly in gliders 20 years ago in an ASK-13. He has worked for Stemme AG for a decade and has flown all of the Stemme variants, from the S-6 through the ES-15. In addition to his glider ratings — both in Germany and the US — Andreas is rated for single-engine and multi-engine aircraft. He’s flown over 1500 hours in Stemme aircraft and almost as many hours in other types. In the previous two summers, Andreas was a leader of the Stemme Horizons fly-and-glide tours in Europe. In this capacity, he has shown a splendid demeanor and considerable aptitude for negotiating and communicating — in English, no less — with French, Swiss, Spanish, Belgian, and even German ATC. Well-known to many US Stemme pilots, Andreas resides in Germany and is active in demonstrating, flight testing, and developing the new Stemme airplanes.

Don Bell claims he grew up looking up and eventually flew gliders. He bought a Stemme S-10 some 15 years ago and ended up becoming the US distributor. He now serves as CEO of Stemme USA, Inc., and continues to run Bell Aviation — a buyer and seller of quality airplanes — which he founded in 1990 in nearby Columbia SC. Don is ATP rated and has even flown noisy turbine-powered aircraft. But he has far more fun piloting balloons and his N3-N. Most of all, Don loves flying gliders, especially his Stemme that combines great glider performance with the convenience of a “normal” powered aircraft.