Speaker Session - John Godfrey

Convention Center Room 202C Thursday, February 18, 2022 2:30 pm - 3:15 pm

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John Godfrey

TOPIC: “Racing in the Future: Should We Moderate the Impact of Technology?”

John Godfrey (QT) began competing in gliders in 1984. He was elected to the US Competition Rules Committee in 2008 and has chaired the committee since 2013. In addition he has served as Competition Director for National championships, Scorer for both International and US contests, and US Team Captain for the 2006 WGC.

John’s key interest is in increasing participation by making/keeping racing fun and affordable for people like him (i.e., those unlikely to win a National). In addition to presenting a road map for coming technologies and their possible impact, he looks forward to thoughtful and lively interactions with the audience on these issues.