Speaker Session - Dick Butler

Convention Center Room 202C Friday, February 19, 2022 11:00 am - 11:45 am

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Dick Butler

TOPIC: “Building & Flying the Concordia: Lessons Learned”

Retired aeronautical engineer residing in Manchester, Tennessee, Dick has been a competition sailplane pilot since 1974 with 2,500 hours’ flight time and the winner of seven open class national championships. A non-participant in soaring competition from 1984 through 1998 to focus on career, he re-entered soaring competition in 1999 with an ASW22 sailplane that was extensively modified during 1999 through 2002 to become known as Eta Biter.

With experience gained on Eta Biter, he initiated Concordia program as co-designer and builder in 2002. The Concordia was test flown in 2012 and has competed in two World Championships: US and Poland. Dick will take it to the Worlds in Australia in 2016.

Dick Butler’s Concordia will be on display at the convention floor for the duration of the SSA convention. The idea for the Concordia was born in 2000. It took two years to design and six years to build. Its wingspan is 28 meters and it has a glide-ratio of 72-1 at 80 knots.