Speaker Session - Pedja Bogdanovich & Lane Bush

Convention Center Room 202A Friday, February 19, 2022 1:30 pm - 2:15 pm

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Pedja Bogdanovich & Lane Bush

TOPIC: “Flight Tracking: Spectator Involvement and Pilot Safety”

Pedja Bogdanovich has served as executive director and as VP of technology for Internet start-ups, as a CTO for a software consulting and services company, and has run a software products company. He lives in Boulder, Colorado, where he works with Ball Aerospace on various spacecraft and space instrument programs, NASA and commercial, to further our understanding of the universe. When not working or flying, he enjoys all the outdoorsy activities Colorado has to offer.

Lane Bush is an SSA director and chairman of the Sailplane Tracking Committee and racing is his passion. Early in his involvement with the SSA, he became interested in the areas that might improve the appeal of the sport and began helping to enhance the way we view glider flights and promoting the Sailplane Tracking Application that Pedja created. His real job is with Delta Airlines flying the MD88.