LXNAV Connect – Live Weather and Much More

Convention Center Ballroom A Saturday, February 22, 2020 1:30 pm - 2:15 pm

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An introduction of the Wi-Fi features in the LXNAV LX80xx/90xx vario navigation systems. LXNAV is the leading glider avionics company, proudly producing since 2009, located in Europe – Slovenia. In the past 2 years LXNAV has been working very hard on the Wi-Fi integration into LX80xx-LX90xx systems to develop their own cloud service called LXNAV connect.

Key Features of the Wi-Fi Integration:

  • Live weather
  • Skysight weather
  • TopMeteo weather
  • Rain radar
  • Satellite picture
  • Soaringspot (task exchange)
  • Email support (send flight files directly to scoring office)
  • OLC support (upload flights directly)
  • Pilot profiles (sync and exchange your profiles)
  • Automatic updates (no more SD card needed)

Toni Šibanc will give a brief explanation of how to use those features in flight.