The 2016 Convention

Logo Greenville - february web v2The SSA Convention is an event that brings together the soaring community across the United States for three days of meetings and soaring-related exhibits. Here, visitors have access to the latest in sailplane technology, instruments, books, flight-related gadgets, and apparel.  Additionally, specialists in the field provide lectures and interesting presentations. The convention hosts an average of around 70 exhibitors and expects over 3,000 visitors, both local and from around the country.


Compared to previous conventions, the Greenville SC connection anticipates a higher number of aviation exhibitors, including camper dealers, car dealers, apparel merchants, flight schools, as well as a higher number of aircraft on display. Our traditional sailplane dealers will present the latest models from manufacturers around the globe, and our soaring schools will provide flight simulators and instruction materials and information.

The Convention will also host a three-day schedule of presentations on themes like flying safety, weather, soaring technology, instruction, and aerobatics.