The Little Glider That Could: Six Decades of the 1-26

Convention Center Room A3 Saturday, March 3, 2018 9:00 am - 9:45 am

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Dan Ernst

In this presentation Dan Ernst will examine the history of this classic American One-Design glider, as well as the pilots that have flown it and their many accomplishments in this decidedly non-high performance ship. The 1-26 first flew in 1954 and nearly 700 were built during its long production run that ended in 1979. The listeners will learn that the 1-26 is a simple, rugged glider that is inexpensive to buy and easy and fun to fly. The 1-26 is numerically the most popular glider in the United States, but is often overlooked as an addition to a club for time-building and cross-country training. He will also talk about the 1-26 Association which is a very active group offering support and encouragement to owners to keep their ships flying by sharing maintenance expertise and soaring knowledge. The annual 1-26 Championships is the flying and social event of the Association and offers a fun atmosphere for a contest.