Slotted Airfoil with Control Surface (OSTIV)

Convention Center Room A1 Thursday, March 1, 2018 11:00 am - 11:45 am

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Neal Pfieffer – OSTIV Speaker

This presentation will discuss the use of slotted airfoils for sailplanes and general aviation aircraft. The slot between a main and secondary element is open all the time. Traditional airfoil design has subscribed to the thought that the airfoil should be a closed surface for most of the operating envelope. One or more slots could be opened for takeoff and landing to provide added lift, but this would entail a drag penalty. Some lower-performance airplanes have utilized a slotted aileron. These have typically been designed by taking a standard airfoil and cutting a slot through it to form the aileron. When correctly done these have the potential to provide some margin of safety by continuing to maintain attached flow on the aileron at high angles of attack. In the last twenty years, researchers began to look more closely at optimizing the slotted airfoil. This research has been for configurations ranging from UAVs, sailplanes, and small, general aviation airplanes up to transonic transports. Studies have shown that there need not be a significant drag penalty for having the slot, and in fact there could be some real advantages. This presentation will show how a control surface could be incorporated into slotted-airfoil design. This will be done while maintaining a low level of drag and simplicity of design.