Review of Glider Accidents and Collision Avoidance Technology

Convention Center Room A3 Thursday, March 1, 2018 11:00 am - 11:45 am

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Larry Cheek & Darryl Ramm
Darryl Ramm & Larry Cheek

In this two-part talk, we will review glider accidents, and because midair collisions are a factor, we will also look at traffic awareness and collision avoidance technology.

We will talk about overall glider accidents in the United States with emphasis on the fatal accidents and a recap of those in the Reno area including mid-air collisions and near misses.

Traffic awareness and collision avoidance technology can help improve safety for glider pilots. Unfortunately, different threat scenarios require different technology. We will take a high-level look at possible technology use in example risk scenarios including glider collisions with airliners and fast jets, military transport and tactical aircraft, general aviation aircraft and other gliders.

Larry Cheek has been with the FAA for 21 years with the last three as the FAA Safety Team Program Manager.  Previously, he was a Principal Inspector on multiple Air Carrier Certificates.  He feels this is the best job he has ever had, as he works very closely with community pilots developing and presenting safety seminars to help the GA community reduce accidents. He previously retired from the U.S. Coast Guard as both a helicopter rescue pilot and a C-130 Transport Pilot.  He also flew helicopter in Vietnam for the U.S. Army.

Darryl Ramm is a glider pilot from the San Francisco Bay Area. He was flying a (transponder equipped) glider out of Minden airport in 2006 when a mid-air collision occurred between an ASG29 glider and Hawker 800 business jet. That and other subsequent accidents and incidents drove Darryl to spend time understanding and explaining traffic awareness and collision avoidance technology options within the glider community. Darryl is available during the conference to talk to anybody interested in detailed discussions or help with equipment selection, installation or use questions.