In the Wake of a Seagull: The First Glider Aerotow by Glenn Curtiss and His Team in 1922

Convention Center Room A3 Saturday, March 3, 2018 1:30 pm - 2:15 pm

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Simine Short

Looking for some neat historical information to include in an upcoming newsletter of the VSA, Bungee Cord, Simine Short saw an article in the November 1922 Commercial America magazine about “The Sailplane and Future Flight.” The last photo in this article with its caption caught her curiosity: “The [Glenn H. ] Curtiss Sailplane used as a trailer in tow of a Curtiss Sea Gull airplane, demonstrating the practicability of using airplanes to tow (motorless) sailplanes. A releasing device has left the sailplane up in the air, and the operator is free to direct the sailplane in any direction he chooses in gliding back to the surface of the water.” Now, she had to dig deeper and find out what actually happened, because everyone knows that two German groups introduced and developed aerotowing in early 1927 — or five years later. So, this is another fun research project that she would like to share.