HP-18J, Twin Turbine Self-Launch Homebuilt Sailplane

Convention Center Room A2 Thursday, March 1, 2018 2:30 pm - 3:15 pm

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Chris Esselstyn, Pilot & Builder

The start of the presentation will detail a brief history of Chris Esselstyn’s formative years, influences,  and all of the previous aircraft builds (three powered Rutan Canard Composite aircraft projects). The focus of the presentation will address the design and engineering of the HP-18J home-built aircraft project.  This will detail the changes of the original per plans design with a review of the incorporated engineering modifications, the primary focus being the twin turbine installation for self-launch and sustainer flight.  All of this data will be provided in a detailed Powerpoint presentation showing photos of the build with flight test and performance information.  In addition, a video of the self-launch and sustainer operations will conclude the HP-18J segment of the presentation.

The final segment of the presentation will address the salvaged ASW 27, which is the current project.  The intent is to add the capabilities of self-launching and sustainer flight with the twin turbine installation with a minimal weight and complexity impact. This will be somewhat similar to the HP-18J but with a cleaner drag reduced installation with a much different extension and retraction concept.  Unlike the previous experimental  Rutan aircraft builds, the use of Alexander Schleicher OEM materials, factory repair methods and in-process FAA inspections will be used for the repairs.  Chris’s own engineering ideas will be used for the turbine installation, fuel cell, and supporting equipment.