A Personal Look at Gliders Used by the US in WWII – Part 1

Convention Center Room A3 Friday, March 2, 2018 2:30 pm - 3:15 pm

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Chuck Hobbs

For the most part, the US used two different gliders during WWII.   They were the US manufactured CG-4A glider and the British manufactured Horsa glider.    The US glider pilots were assigned to Troop Carrier Groups as were the C47 pilots who flew paratroopers to drop zones and towed the gliders to the landing zones.  The paratroopers and the glider infantry troops were assigned to Airborne Divisions including the 82nd, 101st, and 17th Divisions.  Chuck Hobbs’ father, Captain Henry C. Hobbs, flew a Horsa glider into Normandy on June 7, 1944, and  GC-4A gliders into Holland on September 17, 1944, and into Germany on March 24, 1945.

This talk will describe the Horsa glider that was flown in combat by the US glider pilots only for the invasion of Normandy and the experiences of the US glider pilots during the invasion of Normandy and for Operation Market Garden (A Bridge too Far) based on the interrogation checklists Chuck’s father filed after returning to the US airfield  from which they departed.  Part 2 of this talk by Gary Stripling tomorrow morning will describe the CG-4A and his father-in-law’s experience as a glider pilot in Bastogne and Operation Varsity in Germany.