Atlantis Casino Resort Spa

3800 S. Virginia Street, Reno, NV 89502

1-800-723-6500 Use Code SOAR18


SSA Convention Room Rate $130 Double




It has come to our attention there is a scam concerning room rates at the Atlantis Hotel and Resort. The person calling claims to be a representative of the hotel and SSA and claims they are offering you a lower room rate. They are calling from Travel Era. If any changes in rates were applicable, you would receive a message from the SSA and no one else. Please let the SSA office know if you receive any such phone calls. Thank you and we look forward to seeing you in Reno.

FIRC: February 27-28, 2018

Convention: March 1-3, 2018

You’ve heard about the world record claim of the Perlan flight. See the Perlan on display at the 2018 SSA Convention.

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